Monday, 8 November 2010

to dread or not to dread

It's Monday night, and i find myself sat at my laptop ukulele in hand, doing nothing much productive. Blog i thought, something a few of my friends have tried, me not being one of them, me ridiculing they had the time for such things, i've decided to let all that slide right over my head, to stop being stubborn and try something new.
While on the subject of 'trying something new' DREADLOCKS. for some horrific, however for a while i've been toying with the idea of dreading my own hair, simply because i love the way it looks, the headscarves, beads, hats it's all so low maintenance yet looks so good! (well i think so )
If Anybody at all is reading this, PLEASE give me your opinion on the whole thing, i'm not going to be rushing in anytime soon as i'm one for constantly changing my mind with everything i do, i'd just like an input on the idea :)
I will introduce myself anyway, as i should of done first (shoot me)
I am Lauren, Putting an age on me would make me 16, although i would argue as an average teenager i am much more mature than my age suggests (wink)
I live in England, and however much i whine about our typical english weather (by that i mean rain followed by rain) i quite enjoy living here. I am a musician or at least i'd like to think so seeing as i've been playing the piano for the last 10 years-coming up 11.
I'll let you non-existent readers get on with your time for now